Christianna Valentina

AGUAS PROFUNDAS, New CD by Christianna Valentina

The newly completed 'AGUAS PROFUNDAS' by San Francisco Bay Area, singer/pianist, Christianna Valentina,  is comprised of songs from Brazil, Argentina as well as American Jazz standards. In fact, the alternative working title was, 'Songbook Of The Americas'.  

Preferring the naked textures and vulnerability of paired down arrangements over the fuller score, she imbues pure emotion into this varied and playful collection of sonic delights. This CD is a mosaic of nostalgic and diverse jazz standards: 'Throw It Away' (by Abbey Lincoln), 'Lush Life' (by Billy Strayhdorn), 'Softly As In A Morning Sunrise' (by Sigmund Romberg and Roger Hammerstein) as well as new interpretations of Brazilian classics by Caetano Veloso, Jackson Do Pandiero, and Antonio Carlos Jobim.  

Largely inspired by the sea and reflections on life itself, 'AGUAS PROFUNDAS' was informed by many inspiring  and scenic drives from Big Sur to Mendocino along Highway 1 on her native Northern California coast. 

This CD is a multi-faceted array of vocal harmonies, percussive landscapes, aquatic themes, lyrical poetry, fragmented elements of  water, metal, wood, skin, wind and a passion for the unexpected.  All tracks were performed by co -producers, C. Valentina and Christopher Krotky at Soundwire Studios in Marin County, California. 

Among her many creative endeavors, C. Valentina finds musical delight in many other forms.  Please scroll down to hear her latest Gypsy Jazz recordings with guitarist, Eli Pearson Carlton, bassist, Brandon Essex and drummer, Christopher Krotky. Stay posted for more recordings going soon!

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4/22/21 Live Stream Event 2-4pm. SF, CA


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7/30/21 San Francisco Live, Private Event

8/6/21 Solo at Mac's, Fairfax, CA. 7-10pm

8/8/21 Sitting in with the Cottontails @ The Rite Spot in SF, 7-9 pm


9/25/21 Solo at Mac's in Fairfax, CA.  7-10

9/30/21 Sitting in with the Great Reji Austin @ Mac's in Fairfax, CA.  7-10pm

10/1/21 San Francisco Live, Private Event


10/29/21 Solo at Mac's in Fairfax, CA.  7-10pm


11/28/21 Sitting in With Reji Austin at Mac's in Fairfax, CA.  7-10pm

12/26/21 Sitting in with Reji Austin @ Mac's in Fairfax, Ca. 7-10

1/28/22 Siting in with The Cottontails, Rite Spot in San Francisco, 8-10pm

2/2/22. Private Event, Live,  SF, CA

3/21/22 Private Event  Live, SF, CA

5/5/22  Comstock Saloon 8-11pm, SF, CA


5/7/22 Private Event Live, SF, CA

6/23/22 Comstock Saloon, SF, CA,  8-11 pm

7/21/22 Private Event, Live SF, CA

7/31/22  Coastal Botanical Gardens Mendocino, Mendocino, CA 3:00-4:30.

With New Tango Ensemble!

8/4/22 Private Event SF, CA


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All Gypsy Jazz tracks were performed by, Eli Carlton-Pearson (guitar), Chris Krotky ( Drums), Brandon Essex (Bass) and Christianna Valentina (Vocals).
I will be elated to offer a new Gypsy Jazz CD with these amazing players by Winter 2019!